About Burningstages

Hello and welcome to Burningstages, a blog dedicated to the Marketing Strategies that brands and companies of the Fashion Industry follow to create awareness.

This blog was created as part of my studies but gave me the opportunity to express my ideas and try to explain why a company follows a specific strategy to create brand awareness.

But what is Marketing?
Marketing is a “tool”… A tool that helps us communicate an idea or a product to a specific audience, the customers.

Who am I?
Born in Athens, Greece, I started my career in 2007 as Event Manager working in B2B projects, public events and congresses.
Always fascinated by the Fashion Industry, in 2011, I studied Fashion Marketing in PANSiK School of Arts and Design in Greece.
During my studies I had the opportunity to work at the backstage of the biggest fashion shows and events of Greece and the honor to collaborate with the most influential people of the Greek Fashion Industry.
Finishing my studies I had a 6 month internship in Vogue Hellas where I’ve learnt how the Media works and what is to be inspired from a simple garment and create an Editorial from A to Z.
Interested to gain a more international experience, in 2012, I moved to London where I started working in retail trying to identify and learn customer’s psychology and sales.

I hope that you will enjoy reading my blog and that you will find it interesting and informative. I would like to listen your opinions and your thoughts and have a constructive discussion which will help the professionals to understand how the industry works.

Thank you!!

One response to “About Burningstages

  1. I could not find your email so…

    I’m the owner of a new web community : http://www.hangar217.com

    H217 is from Québec and is about gathering photographers, models, artists and fashion designers. Hangar 217 is about 6 month old, so it is a very small site.

    Small but still. More than 40 sites accepted to share their RSS feeds with Hangar 217. Juste to name a few: Cyberpresse, Montreal Museum of Beaux-Arts, eFlux, Figaro Madame (http://hangar217.com/fr/index-des-sources-de-nouvelles).

    By this mail I would like to ask you the permission to syndicate the rss feeds from your site.

    There is no publicity in the page where the feeds are gathered and the backlink to your site will always be preserved.


    Rémi Guertin


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