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John Galliano and Dior: the story ends!

john_gallianoJohn Galliano, the Chief Designer of Dior was fired by the French Fashion House!

Last week, John Galliano was arrested drunken for insulting a couple in a bar in Paris and speaking anti-semitic words.

Sidney Toledano, Managing Director of Dior, said: “I condemn in the strongest terms the things said by John Galliano, which are in complete opposition to the essential values that have always been defended by the Christian Dior house”

Read the whole article of Dominique Ageorges in fashionmag.com!

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Do you think that DIOR’s image will be damaged due to Galliano’s latest incident?
1.  There is nothing to do with DIOR’s image. (42,86%)
2. Who is Galliano? ( 28.57% )
3. Definetely Yes! (14.29%)
4. I don’t care! (14.29%)
5. I think so… (0%)